Building Our Nation’s
Defense Platform Starts Here

For almost 70 years, Engineered Magnetics Incorporated (EMI) has been the supplier of the leading edge componentry that lies at the heart of our nation’s military defense platform and aerospace industry.

Engineered Magnetics, Inc. is a supplier of power conversion equipment, battery chargers, and monitoring and signal conditioning systems designed for ground, air, and sea. Equipment has been designed and fabricated for aircrafts, missiles, and a variety of airborne and ground tactical military weapons and communication systems. Virtually all free world missile programs are operating with EMI equipment abroad.

Its main endeavor is to design and develop inverters, highly efficient power systems, and conversion equipment primarily for the aerospace and military markets. EMI knowledge and experience base is demonstrated by the following programs:

AMRAAM Launcher Power Supply for Sidewinder, PS486
AAH Helicopter  400 Hz Power Supply, EMTR307-1
 AV-8B Harrier  Microprocessor-Controlled NiCad Battery System EMBS163
 ECMU  AC/DC Power Supply (Shipboard), EMPS411
 ESGN  Electrically Suspended Gyro Navigator for Trident Submarine, AC/DC Power Supply EMPS483
 F4D  AC/DC Power Supplies, EM452B and EM4102B
 F-14  Power Supply System for Pilot Display, EMTR242
 WRN-5  AC/DC Power Supply (Shipboard), EMPS349
 F-111  AC/DC Power Supplies, EMTR167 and EMTR188B
 LLADS  Battery Charger, EMBC241
 MODEM  AC/DC Power Supply (Shipboard), EMTR269
 NAVSTAR  Global Positioning System, Multi-User, AC/DC Power Supplies and DC/DC Converters, EMPS479 thru EMPS482
  RANGER  Battery Regulator System
 RPV  DC/DC Power Supply, EMCR453
 AWACS  Power Supply, EMPS286 and EMPS284
 OH-58  Power Conditioning System, EMSE377
 S3A  Power Supply System for Pilot Display, EMTR250
 TCCF  Uninterruptible Power System, EMNB209
 UTTAS  Maintenance Free Battery System, EMBS143A
 VULCAN GUN  DC/AC Inverter and DC/DC Converters, EMIR155A, EMIR264 and EMCR164A-1
 WRN-5  AC/DC Power Supply (Shipboard), EMPS349
 B-2  Google Power Conditioner, EMIR188B
 PHALANX  DC/AC Inverters, EMIR164B

Engineered Magnetics, Inc. has been in the power supply and power conditioning equipment-business since 1954. EMI has developed products for many types of ground as well as air military power requirements. Our equipment includes, but is not limited to, inverters, converters, DC power supplies, transformer-rectifiers, and voltage regulators. Products are available with single or multiple outputs, closely held tolerances, high efficiency, low ripple, short circuit protection, and many other features. EMI equipment requires minor adaptations of existing circuit designs having previously proven ground and air military operating capabilities to meet a wide variety of applications. The equipment is packaged to your specification.

All products are qualified to ground and air military environmental conditions using up-to-date military specifications and the most modern test equipment. Present sophisticated circuit designs are derived from our experience in space and missile applications and our heavy background in producing military power equipment. In many cases, there exists the possibility of product qualification on the basis of similarity reducing the overall cost of the development program.

At EMI, we are proud of the part we play in assuring our nation’s defense capabilities and the pioneering lead of our aerospace industry.