Musical Theater Academy of Orange County

CLIENT: Musical Theatre Academy of Orange County (MTA) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that provides an innovative performing arts education program for children and young adults. Based in Newport Beach, California MTA has helped over thousands of student to unlock their potential not only in the performing arts, but in their academic and the life-skill achievements to excel in school and life. Through MTA’s unique performing arts studies, children learn a variety of skill sets, which are crucial to their future success. Skills such as critical thinking, problem solving, enhanced communication abilities, leadership and teamwork are all enriched by a MTA’s Performing Arts education curriculum.

Need:IDG was asked to provide MTA an updated approach to their brand as well as to help re-define the organization’s story and message in order to stimulate support and fundraising efforts.

Solution:After a great deal of research into the background of the organization, IDG moved the positioning of MTA from a children’s theater company to that of an arts and education organization in order to better reflect the “hidden” service that MTA was really offering the community; life-skill enhancement to equip their student to greater achievement in their academic as well as their personal and community roles. In addition to helping create a new image and brand for the organization, we also helped create a proprietary online enrollment system, a new company website and a host of various printed and video communication tools.

Creative Services Included: Corporate Identity, Brand Development, Website Design, Logo Design, Corporate Brochure, Photography, Video, Banners and Signage, Custom Web Programming, e Commerce Development.

“IDG helped us realize a vision of who we are that we had not considered. As a result we are able to present the organization to our potential clients as well as funding partners that we might have missed.”

“I am astounded at the quality and high-level that IDG has brought to our group. They have helped us to achieve a level of professionalism we couldn’t have reached on our own.”

“The IDG team is so very easy to work with. They listen to what our needs are and then go way beyond our expectations in delivering a solution and providing follow-through support whenever we need it.”