Sensor-Kinesis Corp. is a Los-Angeles based hi-tech company that is developing a revolutionary biosensor chip technology that is capable of detecting and analyzing the presence of pathogens in the human body as well as in the environment (food, water, air) within seconds or minutes, instead of days or weeks,  in order to provide earliest-stage warning of potential disease threats.

Need: IDG was asked to provide ongoing support in helping to develop the company’s brand and message to reflect not only its position in the medical technology arena, but also to the potential end beneficiary of its product.

Solution: We started with a logo design and the development of a style guide that would reflect a contemporary high-technology company feel while using a color pallet associated with the patient care and healing. The stylized “O” was developed to represent the company’s core technology of being able to pull in and contain pathogen samples for disease detection analysis. From there, we created a variety of communication tools including a corporate website, printed and digital brochures as well as video and event services for the company’s growing communication needs.

Creative Services Include: Website Design, Logo Design, Corporate Brochure, Photography, Video, Live Event Services.

“IDG consistently provides us end product that always exceeds our expectations in quality and feel. Most importantly, they have been instrumental in helping us convey who we are to our strategic partners as well as the marketplace.”

” I can say with no hyperbole that I have been at trade shows that were not this professionally managed! From the large “picture” need to smallest detail, nothing is overlooked efforts. I am continuously thankful for  the effort.”

(Regarding IDG’s Event Management Services for the company’s Annual Shareholder meeting.)

“IDG’s work is exemplary. Every tool they have provided us is targeted to speak directly to our various audiences while at the same time maintaining a consistency of look and style that integrates into building a cohesive brand.”