Supplier Quality Requirements

The Supplier Quality Requirements and specific Quality Codes, with all of their terms and conditions, become an integral part of EMI Purchase Orders, in conjunction with EMI Terms and Conditions. Where applicable, these requirements are to be flowed down to the supplier’s sub-tier suppliers.

Any deviations or modifications to existing Purchase Orders are to be transmitted through EMI purchasing and will require a Change Order. Verbal or otherwise unofficial instruction to deviate from the Purchase Order is not allowed. Only a legible facsimile copy (fax) or electronic transmittal of the Change Order issued by EMI purchasing is considered adequate authority to proceed.

Supplier Performance

Engineered Magnetic Incorporated (EMI) will evaluate suppliers based on the quality of their product, delivery to schedule, survey results, documentation errors, and timeliness of responses to requests for corrective action. A history of substandard ratings may be cause for removal of the supplier from the EMI Approved Vendor List (AVL). The objective of EMI is to receive defect-free parts and complete, error-free documentation, on or before scheduled delivery dates.

Nonconforming Material, MRB, Variances and Requests for Deviation

The supplier shall maintain a system of material identification and segregation to
ensure that non-conforming material is not intermingled with accepted material. The supplier is not authorized to perform material review board (MRB) actions or disposition of non-conforming material with the intent of delivering such material without the express written authorization of EMI purchasing. Recommended dispositions or departures from drawings or specifications must be forwarded to EMI for approval. The use of the email to is the preferred method to transmit such requests. The EMI Buyer must approve any departures from purchase order requirements.

Previous dispositions shall not be considered precedence for acceptability. EMI may request supplier to submit cause and corrective action on discrepancies related to an order. Any material rejected by EMI and resubmitted by supplier, shall be identified as resubmitted material and must reference the EMI original rejection document and detail all actions taken to correct and prevent recurrence of the discrepancy.

Corrective Action Requests

The supplier or the supplier’s sub-tier suppliers shall respond to EMI requests for
corrective action within the timeframe specified, and take timely and effective action to eliminate and prevent the root cause underlying deficiencies.

Right of Access – Surveillance

The supplier shall furnish reasonable support and access to manufacturing facilities, quality system documentation, quality records, third-party audit reports, and personnel responsible for implementing and maintaining the quality system.

EMI may periodically perform on-site audits of the supplier’s quality system and related processes. The frequency and extent of these audits depends on the supplier’s applicable current certification status, the performance history of the supplier, and the criticality of the supplier’s service or product to EMI or its customers.

Records Retention and Material Traceability

The supplier shall retain a complete set of all records required by this document, as specified in the PO, Statement of Work, or as defined by the applicable EMI SQC.
These records shall be made available to EMI upon request.

All applicable material certifications shall be maintained and will be made available to EMI upon request. Note: Supplier is to notify EMI before disposing of these records regardless of specified retention time.

Supplier Documentation Control

The supplier shall provide all required documentation with each shipment that is legible and complete. Whenever EMI forms are utilized, the suppliers are to use only the current revision forms found on the EMI website (or provided by EMI at the time of use) and not retain hardcopies of forms or other documents that may become outdated.

Corrections or additions made to any documents provided to EMI will require a single line-through the error with the correction next to it, along with the initials of the authorized individual and date corrected.

The use of write-overs, pencil, whiteout, or correction tape is not allowed. Additions or notations on sub-tier documentation (such as EMI PO# added to sub-tier certs) are allowed if supplier includes initials (or stamp) and date of the authorized individual making the notation.

Notification of Changes

The Supplier shall notify EMI prior to any changes to the Suppliers or any sub-tier
changes that affect purchase order requirements. A Change is identified as any changes in company ownership, materials, configuration, process, sub-tier suppliers, inspection testing methods, techniques and/or facility changes prior to the start of fabrication (notification is defined as a minimum of ninety (90) calendar days prior to change). Such changes or events may negate all previous EMI supplier qualifications, certifications, approval status, and may require requalification or re-submittal of a First Article. Supplier requests are to be

Quality System Requirements

The Supplier shall maintain a Quality System in conformance with the requirements
of ISO 9001.

Counterfeit Parts Prevention

All suppliers or distributors shall not deliver any counterfeit parts or components to EMI. A “counterfeit” part is defined as: “A part falsely represented in some manner, e.g., manufacturer, date code, lot code, reliability level, markings, etc.”

The supplier’s Certification of Conformance represents that the shipment does not contain any ‘suspect’ or ‘known’ Counterfeit Part, Material, or Work* and ensures that parts, material or work are procured only through Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)/Original Component  anufacturers (OCMs) or their
Franchised Distributors or Authorized Supplier. Any use of other than an AuthorizedSupplier* requires Engineered Magnetics, Inc. written approval prior to procurement and use, which shall be contained within the deliverable data package.

The supplier shall verify the procurement source and associated certifying documentation.

Supplier’s receiving inspection process shall utilize incoming inspection or test methods, or both, to detect potential counterfeit parts, material or work.

Counterfeit Parts Prevention “ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS”

EMI only procures electronic parts from suppliers on the EMI Approved Vendor List
which would consist of Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) or OEM authorized

Any departure from a specified OEM or an authorized distributor of the OEM called
out in the part documentation shall require written approval from EMI prior to delivery. This approval will come only after EMI has notified their customer along with EMI receiving and concurring to the specific instructions documented in the customer’s counterfeit Parts Management Program (PMP).

Restrictions on Pure Tin or Lead Free* Parts or Solder

The use of “pure tin” on any delivered product is prohibited unless specifically
authorized. Product changes or conversion of products due to the restrictions on the
use of hazardous substances (Example: EU lead-free mandates), as well as associated process changes are prohibited without written approval from EMI. Pure tin solder or its usage on any product delivered to EMI is prohibited due to the possibility of the “tin whisker” effect that can occur over time, causing product failure.

*The definition of pure tin is >97% Sn (Tin) or <3% Pb (Lead).

Preservation and Packaging, FOD and ESD control

Preservation, packaging and packing of all deliverable goods shall be in accordance
with the latest revision of ATSM D3951, standard practice for commercial packaging, unless other requirements are specifically specified in this order. All parts and materials intended for EMI shall be protected against the potential damage from shipping, ESD (Electrostatic Discharge), FOD (Foreign Object Debris), corrosion, moisture, contamination, deterioration or damage by processing, handling, storage at the Seller, or in transit to EMI or from any sub-tier supplier.

Traceability for Metallic Metals

Metallic materials shall be traceable by manufacturer, specification, heat lot
number (for annealed or as-fabricated products), or heat treat lot number (for all mill heat treated products). Note: The heat treat lot number shall also provide traceability to the heat lot number (raw material).



SQC – 04 – MIL-I – 45208 (Quality System Requirements)

Supplier’s Quality System shall comply with MIL-I-45208, (Military Specification for
Quality System Requirements). This requirement assures that suppliers who are not ISO registered have a basic quality system that can comply with this standard.
Suppliers currently certified to ISO 9001 are exempt from this requirement.

SQC – 06 - Source Inspection and/or Customer Verification of Subcontracted Product

EMI or EMI’s customer representative may perform inspection/test of product/services at  the Supplier’s facility prior to each shipment EMI reserves the right to conduct (or waive) surveillance of work-in-progress, inspection, and/or test at points selected by EMI quality. Such a waiver shall have no effect on the Supplier’s requirements to fully comply with the specifications and all of the terms and conditions of the contract/purchase order.

The supplier shall furnish reasonable access to relative contract, design and specification data, and the necessary equipment and space to perform any such inspection/tests.

SQC – 07 – Government Source Inspection

Government inspection is required at your facility or your sub-tier processor, as delegated. If you have a government/military representative you normally work with, provide them a copy of this purchase order.

If you do not have an onsite representative, or you do not know how to arrange a representative, contact the EMI buyer for direction.

When Government Delegation is required for Supplier’s or Sub-tier suppliers, the
Prime Contract Number and DPAS Rating shall be added to the purchase order. A
copy of the Purchase order shall be forwarded to EMI Purchasing.

SQC – 08 – Calibration System Requirements

The Supplier shall meet and maintain a calibration system in conformance with the Calibration System Requirements of ISO 10012-1, ISO 17025 or ANSI Z540-1.

SQC – 09 – ISO 9001:2008 (Quality System Requirements)

The Supplier shall maintain a Quality system in conformance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 or equivalent standard.

SQC - 25 – Process Certifications

(Superseded by SQC 25A)

SQC - 25A – Process Certifications (Non-AVL)

Suppliers or their sub-contractors who perform any processes listed on the purchase order, referenced drawing, or specifications must provide certifications for all processes performed in compliance with this order.

Each shipment shall be accompanied by on legible copy of the signed suppliers
certificate of conformance that identifies the processes performed to specification, or sub-tier supplier certification, as applicable.

The certificate shall include as a minimum:

  1. Supplier’s name and address.
  2. EMI PO Number
  3. Part number
  4. Quantity
  5. Lot number, batch numbers, serial numbers as applicable.

SQC – 26 – Certificate of Age/Environment Sensitive Material (50% Shelf Life)

Limited shelf life items must have a minimum of 50% of the rated shelf life (if shelf life is established) remaining at the time of receipt, unless otherwise specified on the purchase order. Each shipment shall be accompanied by one legible copy of an approved Supplier Certificate of Conformance which certifies that all requirements, of the will contain the following as a minimum:

  1. Supplier’s name and address
  2. EMI Purchase Order Number
  3. Part number, dash & rev. letter (if applicable)
  4. Material name or type
  5. Quantity
  6. Material lot or identification number
  7. Date of manufacture (Date code on container is acceptable).
  8. Start and length of shelf life or expiration date (marking on the individual container is an acceptable alternate). If shelf life is determined to be unlimited, expiration date will be identified as “unlimited” or “NE” (indicating no expiration).
  9. Storage temperature, if other than room ambient.

SQC – 26A – Certificate of Age/Environment Sensitive Material (80% Shelf Life)

This SQC follows all the requirements of SQC 26 except that the minimum remaining manufacturer’s recommended shelf life at the date of receipt shall be 80%.

SQC – 26B – Age Control for solderability (2 years maximum for Electronic Components)

All electronic components must have a lot date code (or date of manufacture) of less
than 2 years old at the time of shipment to EMI, or show evidence of EMI approved
solderability testing prior to delivery.
Each shipment shall include one legible copy of certification containing:
1. Supplier’s name and address
2. EMI Purchase Order Number
3. Part Number, dash and revision letter (if applicable)
4. Date of Manufacture

*Note: If the distributor of electronic components is not an authorized factory
distributor for the component, the original OEM certification must accompany the
shipment. Any deviations will require the submittal and EMI approval.

SQC - 26C – Age Control for Solderability (4 years maximum for Electronic Components)

This SQC follows all the requirements of SQC 26B except that the components must
have a lot date code (or date of manufacture) of less than 4 years old at the time of shipment to EMI.

SQC – 27 – Record Retention Requirement – 10 Years

The supplier shall retain a set of all records associated with this product for a minimum of 10 years. This includes but is not limited to manufacturing data, test results and material certs and data sheets. Please note that at the end of 10 years the supplier must notify EMI prior to disposing of any records. Any deviations from this clause will be specified on the purchase order. 

SQC – 27A – Record Retention Requirement – 5 Years

This SQC follows all the requirements of SQC 27 except that the minimum record
retention is five years.

SQC – 27B – Record Retention Requirement – 20 Years

This SQC follows all the requirements of SQC 27 except that the minimum record
retention is twenty years.

SQC – 27C – Record Retention Requirement – 15 Years

This SQC follows all the requirements of SQC 27 except that the minimum record retention is fifteen years.

SQC – 28A - Certificate of Compliance (Non-Age Sensitive Material)

Shipment of non-age sensitive material shall be accompanied by one legible copy of a certificate of compliance, which certifies that all requirements of the Purchase Order have been compiled with. The certificate shall contain, as a minimum, the following information:

  1. Supplier’s name and address
  2. EMI PO Number
  3. Part number, including dash and revision letter
  4. Date code (applicable to electronics only)
  5. Quantity
  6. Lot number and serial numbers, if applicable

SQC - 31 - Certificate of Material Conformance

Each shipment shall be accompanied by one legible copy of the Certificate of Conformance, which certifies that the purchase order items are produced from material for which the supplier has specific data or objective evidence to the effect that the material conforms to all drawings and/or specification.

The certificate shall list the following:

  1. Supplier’s name
  2. EMI Purchase Order (PO) number
  3. EMI and/or supplier part number, including dash and revision letter (if
    referenced on the PO)
  4. Quantity
  5. Lot number (manufacturer/heat/batch number)
  6. Material type and specification number or an actual material certification traceable to the EMI part and PO number.

Material certification shall be maintained and traceable to raw materials; objective evidence provided upon request.

SQC – 33 – Certificate of Material Conformance, Preference for Domestic Specialty Metals*

Certificate of Material Conformance, Preference for Domestic Specialty Metals*

Suppliers must use specialty metals melted in the United States or its outlying areas. Specialty metals (Steel & Metal Alloys*) produced outside of the United States or its outlying areas will not be used or provided unless the country of origin of melting (Qualifying Country) is listed in DFARS 225.872. This requirement shall be flowed down to any sub-tier suppliers. The DFARS list is maintained by the US Department of Defense and is accessible on the website:

The certificate shall list the following:

  1. Supplier’s name
  2. EMI Purchase Order (PO) number
  3. EMI and/or supplier part number, including dash and revision letter (if
    referenced on the PO)
  4. Quantity
  5. Lot number (manufacturer/melt/heat/batch number)
  6. Material type and specification number or an actual material certification
    traceable to the EMI part and PO number.
  7. Country of material melt.
  8. Copy of Mill Certification and chemical/physical reports from the producing mill.

* Specialty Metals are defined by DFARS clause 252.225-7008, current revision. Each shipment shall be accompanied by one legible copy of an approved Certificate of Conformance that certifies the origin of material melt of specialty metals by a qualifying country.

SQC – 33A – Certificate of Material Conformance, Use of All Domestic Metals

Suppliers are to provide and certify that all metal constituents in the item provided
originated or were melted in the United States. Each shipment shall be accompanied by one legible copy of an approved Supplier Certificate of Conformance.

SQC – 34 – Certificate of Domestic Origin

Suppliers are to certify that all constituents in the items provided originated in the
United States. Each shipment shall be accompanied by one legible copy of an
approved Supplier Certificate of Conformance.

SQC – 38 – Calibration Services

Supplier test equipment calibration services must have a calibration system conforming to ANSI/NCSL Z540-1 or ISO10012, or 17025. Calibration procedures must be maintained which provide sufficient information for periodic calibration of measuring and test equipment (M&TE).

The report, as a minimum, shall include the
following information:

  1. Date of Calibration.
  2. Specification(s) to which calibrated.
  3. Identification or serial number of the item to which the report pertains.
  4. Evidence of traceability for all calibrations performed to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).
  5. Name and certification of the agency performing the calibration(s) if other
    than the supplier.
  6. Results of calibration(s) performed including the initial (as received0 and (as returned measurements. The data shall include a statement of uncertainties (tolerances) or accuracy of standards used, including data for any out-of-tolerance condition found.
  7. Relevant environmental or other condition under which the calibration was obtained and for which the stated tolerances are valid, as applicable.
  8. Corrections which must be applied if standard conditions of temperature,
    gravity, air buoyancy, etc. are not met or differ from those at time and place of
    calibration, when applicable.
  9. Each shipment shall be accompanied by one legible copy of an approved
    Supplier Certificate of Conformance.
    10.Supplier’s must return replaced parts to EMI.

SQC – 41 – Manufacturer’s Data Sheet


SQC – 42 - Test Data

One copy of the supplier’s or sub-tiered supplier’s test data, identifiable to the
material or items supplied, will normally accompany shipment and will reference the
EMI Purchase Order number, the test performed, the lot number and serial numbers
(as applicable), and the applicable specification. All test data, qualifications and
acceptance test reports will meet EMI P.O. requirements, as applicable and to be
kept on file at the seller’s facility for a minimum of 5 years or Purchase Order

SQC – 43 – Printed Wiring Board (PWB) Requirements

SQC – 43A – PWB Coupons and Test Data

Each shipment shall be accompanied by one representative test coupon for each lot or batch along with a legible copy of all  applicable test data from the test conducted on printed wiring boards or subassemblies submitted to EMI.

SQC – 43B – PWB DPA Requirements

The supplier shall provide one representative printed wiring board destructive physical analysis (DPA) cross-section sample and DPA report for each panel unless otherwise specified. Along with a legible copy of the report, the supplier is to provide a certification with a signature of the agency representative that performed the DPA
attesting to conformance to specification requirements. Electronic signature or
signed validation is acceptable unless otherwise specified by contract.

SQC – 43C – PWB Design Services

Artwork shall be supplied to Buyer for approval in electronic format that is readable with free viewers. Fabrication of the PWB shall not proceed prior to artwork approval by the Buyer. If no changes are made to the design, the final artwork shall be supplied to Buyer for documentation purposes.

SQC – 43D – PWA Sub-Tier Flowdown Requirments.

Printed Wiring Assembly (PWA) suppliers shall assure complete flow down of applicable EMI requirements to all sub-tier suppliers. Supplier shall be provided the applicable drawing applicable Quality Assurance Provisions and any other requirements stated in the Purchase Order applicable to the PWA or sub-tier supplier.

SQC – 43E – PWB Testing

PWB’s on this order shall be tested to the requirements of IPC-6012, IPC-6013, or
MIL-P-50884, Group A and B prior to delivery. Copies of Group A test data shall
accompany each shipment of PWB’s Group B test data shall be retained on file.

SQC – 43F – PWA Assembly Special Processes and Certifications

The PWA supplier shall provide separate certifications from each supplier of a special process. Special processes include wire bonding, soldering, plating, PWB
manufacture, adhesive bonding, etc. Certifications shall include lot date codes or lot numbers for all components used in the assembly, including those supplied by all suppliers of special processes shall be a EMI approved or directed supplier (PWA
supplier may add applicable EMI PO# reference on the sub-tier certs).

Each certification shall contain as a minimum:

  1. Supplier name
  2. Supplier address
  3. EMI PO number
  4. Part number, dash number and revision
  5. Quantity processed
  6. Lot date code or batch number
  7. Process name, specification (with revision), along with type and class.

SQC – 45 – Chemical Test Reports

Each shipment shall be accompanied by one legible copy of the actual test data from the chemical tests conducted on materials submitted to EMI. The reports must contain the material lot number, specification, material type, and signature of the responsible representative or sub-tier supplier. Electronic signature or signed validation is acceptable unless otherwise specified by contract attesting to conformance to specification requirements.

SQC – 46 - Physical Test Reports

Each shipment shall be accompanied by one legible copy of the actual test data from the physical tests conducted on materials submitted to Emi. The reports must contain the material lot number, specification, material type, and signature of the responsible representative or sub-tier supplier attesting to conformance to specification requirements. Electronic signature or signed validation is acceptable unless otherwise specified by contract.

SQC – 47 – Inspection Plan and Report

The Supplier shall complete, sign and date the supplied Inspection Plan & Report (IP&R) or Receiving Inspection Operation Sheet (RIOS) to the specified AQL* (Acceptable Quality Level), or submit documentation that includes all the requirements of the supplied IP&R or RIOS.

There is no implied or permissible reject quantity allowed for deliveries to EMI based
on AQL table accept/reject allowances.

NOTE: Suppliers are to fill in the “Actual/Span” blanks only when a characteristic is found to be out of tolerance, which requires a VIR submittal to EMI prior to delivery. Inspection Plan AQL’s provided in these plans are for sample size determination only.

SQC – 54 - Special Process Procedure

The supplier must get approval from Engineered Magnetics, Inc. on all “special”
processes that will be performed when making these parts. Examples of special
processes are welding, heat-treating, cleaning, electroplating, anodizing, chemical film, or non-destructive testing. If there is any doubt if a process is considered “special”, contact Engineered Magnetics, Inc. for help.

To get approval of a special process:

  1. Send a copy of the procedure to Engineered Magnetics, Inc.
  2. Do not start work on the job until you get written approval.
  3. Before shipping the product, make sure the following information is on the Certificate of conformance:
    1. The special process procedure number.
    2. The procedure revisions.
    3. Any specifications that apply to the process.
    4. Material lot number.
  4. Serial numbers if they are serialized.If any special process were performed on the product by an outside processor (sub-tier), review their Certificate of Conformance for the same items before shipping.

SQC – 56 – Supplier Process Change Control

Supplier shall notify EMI of any proposed changes to the established baseline of company ownership, materials, processes, sub-tier suppliers or inspection testing methods, techniques and/or facility changes. Request is to be submitted to EMI’s Quality Engineering approval is required prior to the implementation of any proposed changes. Process changes do not apply to standard hardware (nuts, bolts, washers, etc.) that is ordered to military, federal or industry specification or standards (e.g., MS AN, NAS, etc.) or to metallic raw material raw material (plate, sheet, bar, etc.) that is purchased from a mill.

SQC – 58 – Packaging of Springs and Threaded Items

For springs, packaging shall ensure that the items do not become inter-twined, tangled or damaged. The use of tubes or rods for packing shall be employed. For threaded items, all internal and external threads shall be sufficiently protected to prevent damage to any processed surface during transit.

SQC – 60 – Serialization

Each line item carrying this SQC shall be identified by serial number, as required in
the Purchase Order, drawing, and/or specification. No duplication of serial numbers is allowed. The supplier shall assign serial numbers unless provided by EMI in the purchase order. The material for all serialized items shall be traceable to their source. This requirement applies to all sub-tier suppliers.

SQC – 62 - Homogeneous Requirements

All parts supplied under this Purchase Order shall be from one homogeneous and identical lot; that is, there was no change in material, process, design, or significant lapse of time during manufacture of the lot by the supplier. Any such change will be indicated by a change in lot number(s).

SQC – 63 – Manufacturing Lot or Batch Number

All parts, materials, and/or applicable documents shall be identified by the supplier with a lot number, date lot code, batch number, heat number, heat code, heat lot number or melt number. Where it is not practical to mark the part, the smallest container package shall be marked or tagged with the above data. All applicable documents (chemical and physical reports, certifications) shall include the above required identification, as well as a reference to the EMI Purchase Order Number.

SQC - 70 – First Article Inspection (FAI) Each Order

Unless otherwise specified in the Purchase Order, inspection is required at 100%.
This clause requires a FAI with every order. The FAI shall be conducted on 1 part that
is representative of the lot provided unless otherwise specified. The FAI will be performed on all applicable drawings (including notes) and specifications. All
suppliers must use the AS9102 format. The FAI must be maintained by the supplier and be made available for EMI review upon request. The First Article shall include a ballooned drawing along with the First Article Inspection Report. The part/s used to perform the FAI must be clearly identified and included with the shipment.

The First Article Inspection Report shall include:

  1. Tool part number and serial number.
  2. Cavity ID number (Note: if tool has multiple cavities, the FAI must be performed on each cavity.)

SQC – 70A – First Article Inspection (FAI) As Req.

The supplier shall perform an initial FAI as defined in SQC 70. After the initial FAI is
performed, the supplier resubmittals are only required if there has been a lapse in
production for more than one year or as defined in AS9102 Par 5.3. If the supplier
has not had a lapse in production that exceeds 12 months, the supplier must state on certification that:

  1. This product has not seen any lapse in production that exceeded 12 months.
  2. There have been no changes to the manufacturing process or product design or any other items as noted in AS9102 par 5.3 since the first article was performed.

SQC – 70B – First Article Inspection (FAI) As Req.

This clause has the same requirements of SQC 70A except the lapse in production cannot be greater than 6 months.

SQC – 72 – Tool Proofing

Tool proofing shall be accomplished on all EMI authorized, vendor-furnished tools
manufactured or acquired for use on this order by the supplier’s Quality Control. The
Supplier shall not manufacture or modify any such tooling unless authorized by a tool order. Objective evidence of proper control and maintenance shall be maintained by the Supplier and subject to audit by EMI.

SQC – 81 – Special Requirements

Refer to the Purchase Order notes or attachments for description of special

SQC – 84 - Electrostatic-Sensitive Items

Line items given SQC 84 shall be identified, handled, processed, and packaged to
provide proper electrostatic discharge protection within the guidelines of JEDEC/EIA 625- (Requirements for Handling Electrostatic Discharge Sensitive Devices).

SQC – 91- Change Control

Supplier shall not implement any changes in design materials, processes, or control
without prior written approval (via the EMI buyer), from the cognizant Quality Assurance or Program Engineering representative prior to supplying services and/or material. The supplier is also responsible for compliance by sub-contractors.

SQC – 92- MRB Limited Authority

Supplier is delegated limited Material Review Board (MRB) authority for Class II
defects which is SCRAP or REWORK to print. All other discrepancies will require
suppliers to submit a request to The VIR must have concurrence from EMI’s Quality Assurance Material Review Board prior to shipment. Non-conforming material shall be identified with shipping documents and must include evidence of EMI’s concurrence. Disposition of non-conformances to drawings or specifications shall not be considered as precedence for additional or future dispositions.

SQC – 93 – Statistical Process Control (SPC)

The supplier shall provide variable data to support compliance to the required
capability, as outlined in a supplier or EMI generated and/or EMI approved SPC Plan.

SQC – 94 – Mission Assurance Requirements

SQC – 94A – Configuration Control & Notification

The supplier shall be responsible for:

    1. Controlling changes to parts or components manufactured to the established baseline of EMI drawings and specifications, EMI controlled supplier drawings, specifications and processes to ensure that the end product meets thespecified configuration  requirements. Only EMI is authorized to approve changes to these drawings, processes and specifications.
    2. Maintaining a system to control processes that fulfill the requirements of the purchase order, at its facilities and that of its sub-tier suppliers is required.
    3. The supplier shall notify EMI prior to any changes to their sub-tier’s design
      (including proprietary designs), parts/components, materials, abrication
      methods, processes*, tooling, equipment or methods used in the testing and acceptance of products delivered to EMI.
      *NOTE: If the process performed by the Supplier or its sub-tier suppliers is identified as a Critical and/or Special Process then it shall be controlled by the Supplier in accordance with Quality Clause SQC 25. The Supplier shall obtain EMI written approval prior to making any changes to such processes.


  1. The supplier shall notify EMI within one (1) working day of any recall notices for any product, raw material and/or components procured by the Supplier.
    The Supplier is also responsible to notify EMI of all such recall notices or GIDEPS from wholesalers, manufacturers, and sub-vendors and agencies.
  2. Supplier shall inform EMI within ten (10) working days as to whether a DIDEP ALERT is applicable. EMI shall notify the Supplier of GDEPS ALERTS or other potential recall notices.

SQC – 94B – Approval of Acceptance Procedures

The supplier shall provide assembly and acceptance procedures to EMI for approval
and is required to obtain written approval prior to any changes.

SQC – 94C


SQC – 94D – Written Authorization to Subcontract

The Supplier shall notify EMI and receive EMI written approval prior to subcontracting work in excess of 40%, excluding cost of material, of the cost to produce any line item of the purchase order or RFQ.

SQC – 94E – Quality Program Plan (QPP)

The Supplier shall prepare and submit a Quality Program Plan (QPP) to EMI. Contents of the plan used to implement requirements of the Purchase Order are subject to disapproval by EMI.

The QPP shall include, as a minimum, the following:

  1. A description or organization chart showing the Quality Control Organizational relationship to other functional organizations (i.e. Engineering, Purchasing, Manufacturing, etc.).
  2. A detailed definition of the Supplier’s method for assuring product quality at
    all phases of inspection and test from procurement through receiving,
    fabrication, testing, acceptance, preservation, packaging and shipping.
  3. Flowcharts indicating inspection and test verification points through the
    receiving, fabrication, assembly and shipping sequence.

SQC – 94F – Foreign Object Elimination (FOE) Program

The supplier shall establish and maintain an FOE program acceptable to EMI. The FOE program will be subject to review and approval by EMI. The material supplied on
this purchase order shall be manufactured in an environment that is free of foreign
object contamination. Any instances where foreign object contamination have occurred or is suspected will be reported to EMI prior to material acceptance and delivery. The intent of this quality requirement is to maintain continual awareness of the need to eliminate sources of foreign object contamination for all supplied material.

SQC – 94G – Test Failure and Anomaly Notification

In the event of any Destructive Lot Acceptance Test (DLAT) failure or anomaly, the test setup will be frozen and EMI will be immediately notified. Unless a safety issue is involved, there will be no activity performed until a formal failure review board (FRB) is conducted with EMI. If the FRB decides the test equipment is not the cause of the failure or anomaly, the FRB may allow continued testing on other production unitis.

Within any production lot or batch, part which fail to meet ATP or LAT criteria during Non-Destructive testing will be set aside until completion of the specific test in process. Upon completion of the test, non-conforming parts will be documented and segregated from accepted product.

SQC – 94H – Training and Certification Program

The Supplier shall implement and maintain an employee training program subject to
review and approval by EMI. The plan used will be sufficient to maintain and assure
product and process quality and consistency.

SQC – 94J – As-Built & Traceability Data

With each delivery, the supplier will provide an As-Designed vs. As-Built drawing record along with specific traceability information for each and every component and/or material provided in the finished assembly.

SQC – 94K – Date Code Limitation-Electronic Items

Electronic items provided on this order must have a date code of manufacture of 18 months or less from the date of receipt at EMI.

SQC – 94M – “No Pure Tin” Certification and Data

With each delivery, the supplier must separately certify (for each date code or lot supplied) that no pure tin or lead free components, finishes, material or solder was used or present in or on the components delivered to EMI. The preferred method of testing is XRF. The certification must include spectrum analysis data showing composition of material on terminals of the device. Each certification shall reference the EMI Purchase Order number and be signed by an authorized company representative. The definition of pure tin is >97% Sn (Tin) or < 3% Pb (Lead).

One copy of the Supplier or OEM’s test data (identifiable to each date code or lot) and the material or items supplied, must accompany shipment. Each test report shall specify, the method used, tests performed, lot or date code designator and the results of the analysis.

In the event that tests were conducted at an independent lab or sub-tier, the reports will note supplier name, address, purchase order, part number date of tests, and lot or date code designator. The report is to be certified and signed by an authorized company representative.

SQC – 95 – Boeing Approved Processors

The Supplier and any sub-tier contractor shall be or utilize Boeing approved process sources in accordance with DI-4426, which, along with information on Boeing approved processors and the User Instructions for the document, can be obtained from the Boeing website.
NOTE: Boeing approved processors can be found at: http://www.boeing,.com/companyoffices/doingbiz/index_quality.html. The supplier shall supply copies of the approved processor certification to Buyer with each shipment. If a specific Boeing inspection or processing criteria or requirement is referenced in the PO, the supplier shall include a specific reference of compliance to this on the supplier certification(s) with each shipment.

SQC – 96 – Lockheed Approved Processors

The Supplier and any sub-tier contractor engaged in special processes (i.e. soldering, cleaning, X-Ray, welding, magnetic particle and penetrant inspection, heat treating, plating, etc.) shall have either:

  1. Lockheed Martin approval of special processor, or
  2. Lockheed Martin approval of supplier quality system to control sub-tier’s performing special process.

Approval of special process sub-tier contractors does not relieve the Supplier of the responsibility for exercising control measures necessary to ensure that work performed by sub-tier contractors is in accordance with specification requirements.

The Supplier shall have records of Lockheed Martin approval on file available for review. The Supplier shall provide a legible copy of an approved special process certificate with each shipment that lists the processor’s name/address and the process specification/revision traceable to the EMI part and PO number.

NOTE: A list of first tier Lockheed Martin approved special processors can be found in Exostar LM Procure to Pay Portal under Current Approvals Table. Contact your EMI Buyer for a list of current approved processors.

SQC – 97 – Single Heat Lot Control

The Supplier shall furnish the entire lot on this order from the same heat lot. The Supplier shall indicate the heat lot number on the Certificate of Conformance and flow down the heat lot requirement to all sub-tier processors. Sub-tier processors shall record the heat lot number on all certifications submitted to the Supplier.

SQC – 98 – Test Document Review

The supplier shall review the entire test document to ensure all test requirements are met, regardless of the individual test paragraph identified in the Purchase Order.


Supplier Category SQC No. Notes
Hardware 04, 25A, 27A, 28A, 31, 56 09, 34, 42, 58, 94(a-m) (as required)
Plating 04, 06, 25A, 27, 28A, 31, 42, 45,
46, 56, 91, 98
09, 26, 31A, 54, 72, 80, 94(a-m)
(as required)
Distributor 04, 25A, 26C, 27A, 28A, 31, 56,
09, 26, 30, 34, 42, 58, 62, 63, 94,
98(a-m) (as required)
Mechanical 04, 06, 25A, 27, 28A, 31, 56, 91 09, 31A, 33, 33A, 42, 45, 46, 54,
58, 72, 94(a-m), 98 (as required)
Electronics 04, 25A, 26C, 27, 28A, 31, 56,
84, 91
09, 30, 34, 42, 43D, 43F, 46, 62,
63, 80, 94(a-m), 98 (as required)
First Articles 04, 06, 25A, 27, 28A, 31, 46, 54,
56, 70, 91, 98
07, 09, 26C, 31A, 33, 33A, 34, 42,
43(a-f), 45, 46, 62, 63, 70A, 70B,
72, 80, 84, 94(a-m) (as required)
Magnetics 04, 06, 25A, 26C, 27, 28A, 31,
42, 54, 56, 60, 62, 63, 91, 98
07, 09, 31A, 46, 72, 84, 94(a-m)
(as required)
PWB 43A, 43B, 43E, 54, 56, 62, 63,
91, 98
43C, 43D, 43F, 80, 94(a-m) (as